This weekend our Cubs headed to Powburn Scout Adventure Centre for a weekend of adventure and mystery. We joined forces with the 3rd Tynemouth (Ritson’s Own) for the weekend (thanks for the invite).

Mystery Time

The theme of the camp was problem solving and teamwork. The Cubs had to work together in teams to solve problems and in turn receive a clue that would help them work out the name of a criminal in a “Sheerluck Holmes” mystery. You can find the mystery and the clues here if you want to have a go yourself:


cubs-powburn-62Cubs took part in a wide variety of activities to earn clues to help work out whodunnit including:

  • Nuclear Meltdown
  • Circus Skills
  • Maltesers and Chopsticks
  • Rubiks Cube and other puzzles
  • Cup Stacking
  • Domino Rally
  • Marble Run
  • Compass Bearings

Just For Fun

cubs-powburn-30It wasn’t all learning and hard work. The Cubs also had time to let off steam in their free time, which meant getting outside to play on the rope swing, beat the obstacle course and build dens. We had a great campfire on the Saturday evening along with a firework display given it was also bonfire night.


Check out more photos from the weekend on our Gallery.

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